Your network and data are critical assets to your business; they must be kept safe and secure.  Phantom Point provides a comprehensive security suite from perimeter firewall management to server and workstation security policy and software management. We provide Anitvirus and malware tools, DNS and content filtering, perimeter security management, and the corresponding monitoring and administration to mitigate issues and prevent intrusions.

Our IT services and support solutions address the following functional areas:

Data Protection 

Your data is protected and secure from loss without comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity subsystems. We provide all the software for your server backups, the local device to house all backups, the cloud storage for all offsite backups of data, testing to ensure the backups are working, and if needed, a failover solution that would allow all servers to operate offsite in case of a major disaster such as a fire or flood. We monitor and manage every aspect of this ecosystem 24x7.


Phantom Point manages the physical and logical networking essential to smooth operations of your technology. We provide IT support and IT services that will map the performance for both local and wide area networks for all locations and to the internet. We provide the best solution to ensure you have the necessary connections at all times.

Server Administration

Just like a car or other mechanical devices, your computers need regular care and upkeep to ensure reliable operation. Our team will manage all aspects of your servers and association operating systems to ensure stable, high performance operation. This includes Active Directory administration, policy design and deployment, user add, change and deletes, log file maintenance, and related tasks. We implement a comprehensive suite of Best practices that facilitate smooth operations.

Telephony Solutions 

Phantom Point works with VOIP, Lync, and Skype to align client communication needs with the best capabilities at the lowest cost. Our experts help align and manage those solutions.

Managed Services 

24x7 monitor of critical systems

8x5 Live user support

Don't worry about critical systems not being tended to and lose valuable time waiting for support. 

Give your employees the support they need when they need it.

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Email and Messaging

Your email and messaging subsystem will be managed to ensure reliable up time and fast response. We offer integration to related applications that can benefit from messaging support.  Phantom Point can augment the operation with capabilities like text, instant messaging, and presence detection.  All to make your team more productive and collaborative.


Your buildings and property will be safe and secure with a state of the art security system complete with access control and cameras from Phantom Point.

And More!!!